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Privacy and Security

    I Provide Site Privacy & Website Security, App Security, & Website Security

  1. Free Website Security & Vulnerabilities Audit
  2. Search Engine Optimization Privacy & Security
  3. Custom Privacy & Security App Creation
  4. Custom Privacy & Security Plugins for your site
  5. Constant Website Security Updates
  6. Secure website design templates, custom design, & UX
  7. Software & App Development for privacy & security
  8. White Hat SEO privacy & security according to Google Guidelines
  9. White Hat SEO privacy & security compliant with Google Core Algorithm Updates
  10. Website content that is spam free & Google Friendly
  11. Website back links that are spam free & Google/SEO Friendly
  12. Removal of website spam, keyword stuffing, duplicate or plagiarism content back door SEO pages, cloaked SEO pages
  13. Malicious hacker tracking. I track the IP addresses of potential or past hackers to your website.
  14. Website log checking for privacy & security. I check your logs to make sure long users, visitors, web hits, and user agent search engine bots are visiting and interacting with your website

We don't share your business Information to Third Parties

Your business information is private to us. We don't use it or share your business sensitive data reports, inventions, patents, copyrights, ideas, products, services, or any other important information about your business. We don't take your "secret sauce"! The only information we look at is info on your website or source code that needs to be optimized for SEO, Privacy, & site security. We also analyze the traffic to your website with trusted web analytics programs such as Google Analytics, Revolver Maps, Web Trends, Crazy Egg, & other analytics tracking tools such as Google Console & Bing Console webmaster tools and web portal. Your sensitive private information is important to us as a respectable and trusted website business.

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